MMA Stops Alleged NYC Murderer

Mr. Joe Lozito credits mixed martial arts for his heroic actions on a New York City subway car over the weekend, where he subdued knife-weilding alleged murderer Maksim Gelman until police arrived to make the arrest. Lozito’s actions halted Gelman’s alleged 4 victim killing spree. “I knew I had to do something or he was going to kill me.” Lozito told Fox News Insider anchor and ex-UFC broadcaster Brian Kilmeade.¬†When confronted by Gelman, Lozito, a long time MMA fan, reacted with a takedown he has seen countless times on the UFC. Lozito has never trained mixed martial arts, but says that “If you watch fighting or you watch football, you know the easiest way to try to get somebody down… you go for the waist or go for the legs to take them down.”

This is another incredible testament to the countless benefits of the sport of MMA. Shout out to Joe Lozito, the subway hero.

See UFC President Dana White’s surprise visit to Lozito here, where White apparently hooked the subway hero up with free UFC gear and cageside tickets to UFC 128.

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5 Responses to MMA Stops Alleged NYC Murderer

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  3. Shane says:

    Good For you, Joe! I think it’s great that simply by watching UFC he was able to absorb enough self defense/fighting know-how to save his own life. I hope the slasher rots in jail.

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  5. Wow unreal story! Another reason MMA should be legal in N.Y.C.! give good citizens like this guy the right to watch the U.F.C. in his home town.

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